Vancouver Winter Olympics 2010
Video for the final Ceremony in Torino.


Vancouver Winter Olympics 2010
This video was played during the closing ceremony of the Turin Winter Olympics and was broadcasted around the globe. It shows every department of Canada and ends in the city of Vancouver. Special thanks to my friend Maria Kennedy who made it all happen! Thanks!!

The photo shoot in Vancouver was done by me and a small team, the other Provinces were bringing their own photos.. The Kids were also shot in Vancouver, and the final edit was also taking place there. Total time for concept / production and delivery: 5 weeks (!).

Client: Olympic Organization Vancouver, City of Vancouver

Agency: Karakters BBDO, Canada

Street One


This is my favorite example when it comes to doing independent work.
The project was given to me because I had sent my previous free project Happy Hamburger to my old friend Maria in Vancouver. She saw how the Design (White Floor, separate Elements, Travelogue..) could be the solution for the project that she was just working on ..

Inspiration II
But honestly, not even the Happy Hamurger Promo was completely free of other sources: I had just realized how powerfull Images as 2,5 D elements can be used when working on a Super Bowl Video with Digital Kitchen in Chicago... (where I built a lot of the scenery in AE 2.5 D )

Design Board for Happy Hamburger (one can see the Inspiration).

Street One


3 Step Inspiration Process: